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The Planned Giving Agency, LLC

Claire Meyerhoff, left and Diana Grosz


We're pleased to share the news that after freelancing and subcontracting with the large planned giving firms, we're now an official FIRM ourselves (hence the LLC).

Most people refer to our type of business as a "boutique" agency, and that's what we are, since the definition of "boutique" is offering a specialized selection of services. We offer truly unique and forward-thinking solutions to help nonprofit organizations with their planned giving /philanthropy marketing, communications, public relations and outreach.

If you're in the philanthropy field and have no time to "do it yourself" or considering switching-up your "outsourced planned giving marketing" situation, we'd love to work with you!

Interested in doing something NEW to engage your best bequest prospects? Consider one of our CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS.

Need help stewarding your wonderful donors? Check out our STEWARDSHIP AND DONOR RECOGNITION ideas.


Looking for some advice or a few hours of consultation? Take a look at our PHONE CONSULTATION page.

Just want to check in and say hello? Send Claire an email at or you can reach Diana via

Best wishes,

Claire Meyerhoff

President, The Planned Giving Agency, LLC

Diana Grosz,

Senior Vice President, The Planned Giving Agency, LLC

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