Legacy Stories


Legacy Stories:

The Essential Seminar for Producing Great Nonprofit Donor Features 


When a person puts your nonprofit in their will -- there's a reason, and that reason makes a great story. Use it! 


Seminar Overview

When used effectively, stories featuring planned giving donors are an amazing way to inspire others. Personal stories of a donor’s charitable vision can be used across multiple marketing and communication platforms and form the basis of future fundraising appeals. In this 60-75 minute session, presenter Claire Meyerhoff will share her top strategies, timesaving tips and secrets from years of producing planned giving donor stories for dozens of the nation’s nonprofit organizations.  You will see many examples from a wide-range of nonprofits and learn how donor stories can become the centerpiece of your overall philanthropy marketing and communications outreach.

Topics Include: 


Selecting, approaching and interviewing planned giving donors.


Why planned giving donor stories are unique and require philanthropy expertise.


Writing styles, story content and why the word “why” is the key to a great story.


How to gracefully transition to a call to action.


Incorporating key planned giving messages and themes such as trust and discretion.


How ONE donor story can take many shapes -- in print, online and in social media.


Strategies to revive and repurpose existing donor stories.

Seminar Extras  

Session includes The Planned Giving Agency's Essential Guide to Producing Great Nonprofit Donor Features, several helpful handouts and ample time for Questions and Answers. Participants are encouraged to bring any story-related marketing materials they would like reviewed.  

Donor Stories are Versatile!

You're probably writing a donor profile for a newsletter or website, but there are many other ways to use your story (and top-quality photograph.)


Here's one example of a helpful handout included with our Legacy Stories seminar offering: Learn new and refreshing strategies for using donor stories.