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#1 Strategy for Planned Giving

Happy New Year -- and with that, The Planned Giving Agency is featured in Fired Up Fundraising's Top Fundraising Strategies for 2016. Fired Up Fundraising's Gail Perry asked us -- "So...what is your NUMBER ONE strategy you can share with all nonprofits for 2016?

Our answer?


We talk about it all the time -- the BEST thing you can do RIGHT now to "do something about planned giving" is to include a little woodworking in your existing communications. It's called "woodworking" because your goal is to pull those yet-unknown planned giving donors out of the woodwork. They're hiding in the woodwork because you've never asked them point-blank!

Now's your chance!

Here's the slide from Gail's session about TOP FUNDRAISING STRATEGIES FOR 2016.

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